58:12 Thailand - Story from our Team

58:12 Thailand - Story from our Team

Submitted by 5812 GLOBAL on Tue, 01/08/2019 - 1:23pm

We felt that the Lord was pointing us towards starting a Thai Foundation in Pattaya, Thailand that would empower families and care for children who have been abandoned, abused or trafficked we needed to find a location. When starting a foundation in Thailand you need an office or location of some sort to start the paperwork process. This is where we began praying and looking.


After time had passed Jacob was in contact with a realtor that had two homes on one property available, but there was another family interested in one of the two homes who had arrangements to view the home before we did. One day, just for fun, Jacob and Karly decided to ride by the homes to see them, which happened to be the same day the other family was looking at the homes. They were given the opportunity to look at them that day and share their hopes and plans which was to make these homes into Alternative Care Homes for children.


The homeowners were extremely supportive of what we were trying to do, but wanted to respect the family that was first interested in one of the homes. A couple of weeks later, that family was ready to sign the papers with the realtor, but on the day of signing, they felt something in their hearts that they shouldn’t sign. Yes, God spoke to them and they decided not to purchase one of the homes.


The realtor and homeowner then met with our Thailand team and lowered to an unbelievable price for the size of the homes and the property they sit on. They were willing to allow us to wait to sign any lease until our team from America came to look at the homes and decide together. This was huge as they didn’t give the landlord any money to hold the homes because they clearly felt the Lord say to trust in him.


They held the homes, we were able to create our own lease agreement for the next 5 years without an increase in price. Since then we have been slowly preparing the homes with furnishings donated by local foundations and preparing the open lot in front of the homes for the future playground and gardening area. This story is beautiful as we had the opportunity to see God’s incredible work being down all from the beginning and continues on to this day.