58:12 Global is a faith-based, non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide rescue, shelter, and hope to vulnerable women and children. Individuals who come to any of our 58:12 Global homes are welcomed into a safe and loving environment that is designed to help them receive support and healing. 

We currently have three homes in two locations; one in Holmes County, Ohio, and two in Pattaya, Thailand. Our vision is to launch multiple safe houses in strategic cities aimed at restoring hope to vulnerable women and children. 


We provide shelter, food, clothing and basic necessities for each of our residents.

Housing and Food


We provide goal setting, wellness plans, and weekly meetings with caseworkers for each of our residents.

Housing and Food


We provide spiritual growth opportunities and personal enrichment for each of our residents.

Housing and Food


We provide practical skills training for each of our residents.

Housing and Food


We provide professional counseling through local agencies for each of our residents.

Housing and Food


We provide mentors for each of our residents.

Housing and Food

In 2014, 58:12 Rescue was formed by Larry and Kendra Kaufman and a core team of people from Grace Church in Berlin, Ohio. The mission of 58:12 Rescue is to provide Christ-centered hope and healing for vulnerable women and children everywhere. 58:12 Rescue has helped over 400 women, hosted 40 women and 27 children in the home over a period of 1,460 nights. 

In 2016, Grace Church (Berlin) commissioned a team of missionaries to live in Pattaya, Thailand. After three years of language study, networking, and cultural adaptation, the team is in the process of launching a 58:12 Thailand campus aimed at bringing hope and healing to vulnerable children ages 0-18. With the addition of a Thailand campus, 58:12 Global was formed to align mission, communication, and resources. 

58:12 Rescue and 58:12 Thailand operate as campuses of 58:12 Global. 

      58:12 Logos

Holmes County, Ohio Location
Pattaya, Thailand Location
58:12 Global Advisory Board


58:12 Global's Advisory Board focuses on sustainability, fundraising, and finances:


Growing 58:12 Global at a sustainable pace.


Creating multiple streams of income to financially support 58:12 Global.


Giving oversight and providing accountability for 58:12 Global finances.


All members and staff of 58:12 Global are committed to providing a safe place for vulnerable women and children that is Christ-centered, emotionally healing, and practically helpful.  

  • Larry Kaufman - Chairman
  • Kendra Kaufman - Director of 58:12 Rescue
  • Jacob Raber - Director of 58:12 Thailand
  • Anita Miller - Secretary 
  • Paul Mullet - Advisor
  • Cindy Mullet - Advisor
Resident Rescue Story

“I was born and raised here in Holmes County and have lived here all my life. I am Amish. I was in an abusive marriage and knew I had to get out because it was no longer safe. From the first meeting with the staff at 58:12, I knew this was a safe place with safe and genuine people. I came from a place where I was belittled and condemned every day. I was able to find my voice, here at 58:12, and felt heard for the first time in a very long time. I’ve met people who believe in me and remind me to believe in myself. I was able to stop living in fear and truly rest. I am now able to grow into the person God created me to be. 58:12 matters so much to me and is so much deeper than just a safe roof over my head. They helped me get back on my feet by helping me find a job, a church, a circle of support, and freedom. To anyone who is in a toxic or abusive relationship, get out. 58:12 will help because they genuinely care about you. I didn’t know how I was going to support my children and myself when I left home but the support I have found at 58:12 is indescribable. It is so nice to have a place like this close to home because I could still keep my support system I came with. I didn't feel cut off and the area is still familiar but yet safe. Everyone needs a lifeline sometimes, and 58:12 is mine."